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Title: When To Hire--should I Bring On Employee? - Site Planning, Preparation & Running a Business - Cre8asiteforums

Description: When To Hire--should I Bring On Employee? - posted in Site Planning, Preparation & Running a Business: Hi. I started my own web business a few months ago (sole proprietorship). I've done about half a dozen sites so far and I have two in the queue. I have done everything for these sites from design to coding to SEO & even hosting. The problem is, I am not a very good designer. I mean I can put something nice together, but it takes me forever. It took me a week to build 3 decent...

Keywords: When, Hire--should, Bring, Employee?, started, own, web, business, few, months, ago, sole, proprietorship, Ive, done, half, dozen, sites, far

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